About Us

Amazing Hearing Centre (subsidiary of Amazing Hearing Asia Pte Ltd) is your friendly neighborhood hearing center in Singapore with one mission in mind – to serve the community. Our staff, services and products reflect our objective of helping people with hearing loss or hearing difficulty as well as being there for you and your family. We work in close cooperation with two renowned manufacturers, GN ReSound , Oticon (SONIC), and Siemens (Sivantos) to provide the best hearing solution and after sales services.

Our hearing centres in Singapore are located at Serangoon, Tiong Bahru, Bedok Central and OG Albert Complex. We also distribute hearing aids to the Republic of Maldives, Indonesia, Malaysia and China.

Do you know that even though many people suffer from certain degree of hearing loss as they age, or through any injuries or viruses, most people end up having to buy their hearing aids without any subsidy or financial help? If you need someone to talk to – we are here for you.

 You Trust, We Care

Our Director: Mr. Rodney Tan
Serangoon NEX: Ms Haikle Lee
edwin sim tiong bahru centre
Tiong Bahru: Mr Edwin Sim
Amazing Hearing Aid Bedok Jason Lim
Bedok Central: Mr Jason Lim

Why Choose Us?

Our people are dedicated and accountable, and we are always willing to listen to your needs and concerns.

Our service is lifelong for our products and clients. Our qualified team evaluates your situation to determine a hearing solution that is most suitable for you.

Amazing Hearing Asia Director Rodney Tan with Mr. Sharad of GN ReSound

Our Director, Mr. Rodney Tan and Mr. Sharad Govil, Managing Director of GN ReSound. Providing our clients with 150 years of professional experiences in hearing aid technology.


Mr. Rodney with ENT professor Dr. Yuen Heng Wai from Changi General Hospital. We collaborate with Dr. Yuen on all cases of hearing implants.

We are also certified to conduct audiometric examinations that meet the WSH (Medical Examinations) regulations set by Ministry of Manpower.

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