Hearing Consultant: Mr Yuwen

Our Hearing Consultant: Mr Yuwen Tsui

Hearing Centre: Bedok Central

Language spoken: English, Mandarin

Yuwen is originally from Taiwan and has been raised by his grandparents. He is very close to them and enjoys hearing their stories and constant words of encouragement on being a better person.

When his grandfather first suffered from hearing loss, they started to communicate less. Yuwen will have to repeat himself several times and raise his volume to have simple words of exchange with him.

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Yuwen at Bedok Centre

This has inspired Yuwen to join the hearing care industry. He knows there are plenty of elderlies, or hearing loss patients that has no idea what can be done to improve their life, much like what Yuwen’s grandfather went through.

Yuwen knows there are plenty of people he can help and re-install their confidence to communicate and hear better in order to have a better quality of life.

One of the most memorable experience in his hearing care career is fitting new hearing aid technology to Ms Lau. Ms Lau has genetic hearing loss and 30 years of untreated hearing loss has affected her work greatly.

After heeding Yuwen’s advice, she invested and started wearing hearing aid at work. Since then, her management has promoted her as she is able to communicate efficiently. Ms Lau will always share her personal growth and achievement, and very much appreciate Yuwen for his professional consultation and advices.

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Yuwen is a foodie and is always looking for good food in Singapore. He believes that people who love to eat are always the best people. You can always spot him having lunch with his patients near our Bedok centre!

Feel free to reach out to Yuwen via his email to ask more information on hearing loss and how hearing devices can help you.


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