Best mid-range hearing aids: ReSound Quattro

Best mid-range hearing aids: ReSound Quattro
August 19, 2019 Amazing Hearing Singapore

Elderly with quattro hearing aids

Mdm Marian (88 years old), learning how to wear her first pair of hearing aids, the ReSound Quattro (Receiver in Ear) type.

This is the 165 piece of Quattro hearing aid fitted since it’s first launch on April 2019. Quattro hearing devices have been massively popular with both experienced and new hearing aid users.

This is why,

  • Discreet ( as shown in the picture)
  • Rechargeable
  • Easy to wear (popular with elderlies)
  • Most natural sound in the hearing aid industry

Find out more, or get a free Quattro trial with our experienced audiologists.


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