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everyday conversations


Speech Variable Processing preserves the nuances of speech – the soft and loud sounds that occur in every word. These small details are what allow you to understand individual words and enhance overall speech clarity. With Speech Variable Processing, priority is given to speech sounds, making you feel connected to the people around you.


Need a little extra volume to hear what’s being said? The new Speech Priority Volume Control helps “turn up” the speech frequencies you want to hear.


No complaints about the noise

The features in Celebrate practically tell distractions to ‘keep it down’ so you can concentrate on what you want to hear.


·       Speech Priority Noise Reduction separates speech from surrounding noise, making conversations comfortable and clear.


·       Soft Noise Reduction reduces the annoyance of low-level sounds like the whir of a fan or hum of a refrigerator.


·       Impulse Noise Reduction suppresses unanticipated sounds like clinking silverware or jangling keys.


·       Reverb Reduction controls the lingering ‘ring’ that sounds can take on in large spaces like assembly halls or places of worship.


comfortable hearing wherever you go


The Adaptive Feedback Canceller attacks signals that cause feedback so you don’t experience high-pitched whistling.


Environment Classification automatically analyses incoming sounds to both ears* and adjusts the features and amplification to help you hear best in that situation.


Taking a trip? The Airplane Environment specifically addresses the challenges of a noisy airplane cabin so you can enjoy the company of a companion or hear important messages from the flight staff.


 Sonic Celebrate Hearing Aids Singapore










* Binaural and wireless features only available on Celebrate models with wireless capabilities

Sonic Celebrate Hearing Aids Singapore

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