Custom Made Canal Styles Hearing Aids In Singapore (IIC, CIC, ITC, ITE)

Custom prescription hearing aids are hearing aids that are custom-made just for you and only you.

They are not only designed to fit your ears perfectly, but also allow you to customize their properties based on your personal needs to achieve satisfying hearing experience.

Canal-style devices are custom hearing aids that are made specifically to your ear canal shape.

Being a custom hearing aid, ear impression is required and it takes 5 working days for the order and production of this hearing aid.

Features of a custom hearing aid:

  • Custom fit to individual’s ear
  • Invisible and discreet
  • For mid to severe hearing loss
  • Skin tone colours available
  • Battery life: 4-7 days with 8 hours of daily usage
  • In-the-Canal Hearing aids are most suitable for patients with hand tremors.
  • Available in ReSound LINX 3DReSound Quattro*.
custom hearing aid

custom hearing aid

custom hearing aids colour light beige medium dark

custom hearing aids- colors


The CIC is a small custom hearing aid design, however it comes with options such as volume control and buttons that change environmental programs. Since there are opportunities for customisation, the CIC custom hearing aid is popular for people who have a mild to moderate hearing loss, and those who want a little more control over their hearing aids.

in canal custom hearing aid

(CIC) Complete In Canal Custom Hearing Aid


The IICs are the smallest custom prescription hearing aids available. They are designed and sculptured to fit entirely inside your ear canal (external auditory meatus) and are therefore almost, if not completely, invisible. They are suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss. Faceplate available in Beige and Black colours.

SONIC IIC Hidden invisible hearing aids custom hearing aids

(IIC) Invisible In Canal Custom Hearing Aid


In-the-Canal (ITC) is the most popular form factor among custom prescription hearing aids.

In addition to this custom hearing aid having more options available such as dual microphone (directionality), ITC custom hearing aids also includes wireless functionality, which can connect with smartphones and to make phone calls and listen to music directly to the hearing aids.

in canal custom hearing aid

(ITC) In The Canal Custom Hearing Aid


ITE hearing aids are the biggest form factor within custom hearing aids range. It has the ability to covers up to severe hearing loss, and consists of the most of the advanced features such as ear to ear communication, wireless connectivities and other advance hearing aid features.

Available in half shell and full shell, with the half shell design being more popular due to its smaller size.


(ITE) In The Ear Custom Hearing Aid


The 6 Main Types of Prescription Hearing Aids

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