In-The-Canal Hearing Aids (ITC)

What are ITC Hearing Aids Like?

Strong Battery Life & Fairly Discreet

In-the-Canal (ITC) prescription hearing aids are bigger than CIC and IIC hearing aids in size, but it has a longer battery life and can cater to a wider range of hearing losses. In general, they help the wearer to hear well even in a noisy environment. If needed, they have the functionality of manual volume control for customisation. 

These custom hearing aids are meant to sit nicely just outside of ear canal. With a nice tone colour, it can blend nicely with one’s skin tone and still be aesthetically appealing. In addition, it is comfortable to wear. 

Before you decide if this type of hearing aid is suitable for you, you should look read about the top 5 points to consider before getting your hearing aids in Singapore. 

ITC Hearing Aids Suitability

It is highly suitable for wearers that have mid to moderate to severe hearing loss. 

The ITC hearing aid is highly versatile as due to its size, it allows for various add-on options. A wearer can simply choose the type of functions that he or she wishes to be included into the hearing aid. 

All in all, one should consult their audiologist to recommend a suitable hearing aid. Note that rarely there is a one-sized fit all approach, and thus it is important you first get a hearing test done for you and get a professional opinion on the type of hearing aid that is suitable for you.

ITC Hearing Aids Singapore

In-The-Canal Hearing Aids (ITC)

Why Choose ITC Hearing Aids

  • Still fairly discreet in nature
  • Size: one of the smallest in the market
  • Able to cater to a wide range of hearing losses
  • Stronger battery life than other custom hearing aids
  • Allows for more options such as: dual microphone, smartphone connectivity: phone calls, music playing

ITC Hearing Aids Cons

  • More vulnerable to ear wax and clogging
  • Reduced battery performance compared to the bigger prescription hearing aids (that would compromise on the discreet level)
  • Would still require maintenance (e.g. changing of batteries)
  • Individuals with dexterity issues will struggle to handle this hearing aid (due to its size)
  • More difficult to clean (more difficult to remove compared to BTE hearing aids)
  • Might not be powerful enough for certain cases: very severe hearing loss

Try The ReSound LiNX Quattro ITC Prescription Hearing Aids
(Recommended By Us)

Product Description:

One can enjoy top-rated sound quality and comfort with the latest sound technology by ReSound™. Wearing it will allow one to experience a greater sense of space, hearing and even speech.

With ReSound Assist and the ReSound Smart 3DTM app, hearing care professionals can provide remote fine-tuning services for their clients. In-The-Canal (ITC) hearing aids are available with 4 selectable receiver power levels: Low (LP), Medium (MP), High (HP) and Ultra (UP). 

The ReSound LiNX Quattro ITC hearing aid components and faceplates are iSolateTM nanotech coated for optimum durability. 

Audiological Features (functionality varies among the different models):

  • WARP compression (WDRC) 
  • Natural Directionality II 
  • Directional Mix Processor 
  • Adjustable directional mix (For RE9ITC-DW, RE9ITC-DWT)
  • Environmental Optimiser II (For RE9ITC-DW, RE9ITC-DWT)
  • Soft switching 
  • Impulse Noise Reduction 
  • Wind Guard 
  • Sound Shaper 
  • DFS Ultra II 
  • Music Mode 
  • Acceptance Manager 
  • Low Frequency Boost (Only UP) 
  • Amplification Strategy (WDRC/Semi-Linear/Linear – Only UP) 
  • Tinnitus Sound Generator 

Functional Features:

  • Smart Start
  • Phone Now
  • Direct audio streaming 
  • ReSound TV Streamer 2,
    Remote Control Remote Control 2, Phone Clip+, Micro Mic and Multi Mic 
  • ReSound Smart 3DTM app 


Consult us today and get the most suitable prescription hearing aids for your hearing needs.

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