In-The-Ear Hearing Aids (ITE)

What are ITE Hearing Aids Like?

The In-The-Ear hearing aid looks like an ear plug that is being placed in the ear canal. Some ITE prescription hearing aids have an antenna-shaped tab to aid in pulling them out from one’s ear. The ITE hearing aids are encased in a hard plastic custom made case that sits in the outer ear. They are comfortable, and easy to wear. Due to its bigger size, it can incorporate several electronic features and includes a telecoil, and even a multiple directional microphone, and more.

In addition, many of these modern models are able to connect wirelessly to smart phones and televisions. Its volume control can also be done via a remote control. 

ITE Hearing Aids – Who Are They For

In-The-Ear prescription hearing aids have the capacity to cover a wide range of hearing loss: from mild to moderate hearing loss. Not only that, but they have many of the advanced features incorporated such as: ear to ear communication, wireless connectivities, etc. 

It is available in half shell and full shell. In general, the half shelf design is more popular due to its smaller size. To ensure comfort is achieved, a hearing aid specialist will help to take an impression of one’s ear canal to customise the shell for the wearer.

In-the-ear prescription hearing aids are a great option if you want a hassle-free and easy to handle hearing aid device. It is suitable for people experiencing mild to moderate hearing loss.


In-The-Ear Hearing Aids (ITE)

Why Choose ITE Hearing Aids

  • Custom fitted to your ear
  • Suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss
  • Fairly discreet in nature, and blends well with a person’s ear
  • It uses the ears’ natural acoustics to enhance sound, thereby enabling a natural sound output
  • Its size and shape makes it easy to be inserted into one’s ear and subsequently removed
  • It has built in controls that make customisation easy
  • Less likely to drop off
  • The only custom hearing aid that is big enough to incorporate directional microphones
  • Fairly Lightweight
  • Comfortable and will not serve as a deterrence during sport activities

ITE Hearing Aids Cons

  • Only suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss, and not extremely severe hearing loss
  • For the smaller models, there is no wireless feature
  • More difficult to clean compared to other models
  • May be affected by the noise created by wind
  • Not the most discreet type of hearing aid
  • More susceptible to ear wax and is more vulnerable to moisture

ITE Hearing Aids Features

  • Telecoils: They act as small magnetic devices that allow the wearer to hear audio signals through the hearing aid. They also make it easier to hear phone calls, and they can be connected to audio systems such as induction loop systems directly
  • Directional microphones: It helps the wearer to detect where the sound is coming from, and it also helps to diminish background noise in a noisy area or group conversations
  • Volume control settings: It makes volume adjustment easy and instantaneous for the wearer  
  • Bluetooth: Basic bluetooth connectivity that allows the wearer to connect to smart phones or televisions, but note that its bluetooth capabilities are not as good as compared as to other  prescription hearing aids such as BTE or RIC hearing aids

Main Types of Prescription Hearing Aids In Singapore That We Offer

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