Procedure of a Hearing Test:

Step 1: Consultation on hearing history and current concerns faced by patient or their loved ones.

Step 2: Otoscopy- visual inspection of the ear canal and tympanic membrance (eardrum).

Step 3: Hearing Assessment- pure tone and bone conduction test in a soundproof booth via Interacoustic audiometer.

Step 4: Results presented in an audiogram which shows the degree and type of your hearing loss.

Step 5: Evaluation of your condition and demonstration of suitable hearing aids.

Hearing test in a soundproof room

Our professional audiologists will provide you a free trial of the latest hearing devices (programmed to your degree of hearing loss) in both quiet and noisy environments.

Our hearing assessment is a necessary process – we believe that it is important that you get to try out the hearing aids before making a decision.

We also provide home visits.

Prepare for your Hearing Test:

  1. Bring a family member or friend to accompany you if possible, for support and also to be part of the discussion.
  2. Know your medical history. Any previous hearing loss, injury or medication that might contribute to hearing issues.
  3. Think about where and when does it become difficult to hear.
  4. Share your concerns with our team.

We are also certified to conduct audiometric examinations that meet the WSH (Medical Examinations) Regulations set by MOM (Ministry of Manpower). More details on the Workplace Safety and Health Guidelines for the Hearing Conservation Programme.

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