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  • You receive a full understanding of the real cause of your hearing loss
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What Is A Hearing Test?

With a hearing test, sound is sent through headphones and played back to the subject. The sensitivity of a person’s sense of hearing is evaluated, as well as the lowest sound that can be heard across several speech frequencies. Hearing tests are used to assess any hearing problems and their degree.

A complete hearing check might also assist in determining the sort of hearing loss you have, whether it’s conductive, sensorineural, or mixed, as well as whether medical therapy will be most effective.

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Signs That Show You Need a Hearing Test

#1: You Need Subtitles

You really need subtitles to watch a show on Television even though everyone else think that the volume is loud enough.


#2 Difficulty In Following Conversations

You have a hard time keeping up with conversations that involve two or more people.


#3 Difficulty Concentration In Noisy Places

When someone is unclear what they’re looking for, or has difficulty concentrating in noisy places (restaurants, shopping malls), it might result in procrastination.


#4 You Rely Heavily On Reading People’s Lips

You begin to rely more on reading lips or watching people’s faces as they talk while talking.


#5 Muffled Sounds

Everyday noises now tend to seem muffled to you.


#5 Ringing Sensation In Your Ears

You experience ringing sensation in your ears at times during the day.

How hearing loss can affect you emotional:

When you’re listening to someone, you might feel irritated at times. You might be nervous or embarrassed about not being able to keep up with the conversation. You may even not enjoy social interactions as much as you used to.

Our Hearing Test Process

Step 1: Health Consultation

Our experts will first do a review on the patient’s hearing history and current concerns faced.


Step 2: Otoscopy Procedure: 

It is the visual inspection of the ear canal and tympanic membrance (eardrum) through a tool called an otoscope.

Before the hearing test, our specialists will inspect your ear canals and eardrums’ integrity. During this procedure, an otoscope is used to guarantee that nothing is obstructing the hearing evaluation.

An otoscope is a medical instrument for examining the ears deeper. Otoscopes are often used during normal checkups to screen for illness and investigate ear problems. The otoscope gives visibility on the ear canal and/or eardrum.


Step 3: Hearing Assessment

Pure tone and bone conduction test in a soundproof booth via Interacoustic audiometer. The most common hearing test is pure tone audiometry, which measures the individual’s hearing threshold levels. The test also determines the degree, type, and configuration of a hearing loss as well as providing a foundation for diagnosis and treatment.


Step 4: Results Presented – Audiogram

The audiogram results will show the degree and type of your hearing loss.


Step 5: Evaluation and Recommendation

of your condition and demonstration of suitable hearing aids.


Our professional audiologists will provide you a free trial of the latest hearing devices (programmed to your degree of hearing loss) in both quiet and noisy environments.

Our hearing assessment is a necessary process – we believe that it is important that you get to try out the hearing aids before making a decision.

We also provide home visits.

Preparing For Your Hearing Test

  1. Bring a family member or friend to accompany you if possible, for support and also to be part of the discussion.
  2. Know your medical history. Any previous hearing loss, injury or medication that might contribute to hearing issues.
  3. Think about where and when does it become difficult to hear.
  4. Share your concerns with our team.


We are also certified to conduct audiometric examinations that meet the WSH (Medical Examinations) Regulations set by MOM (Ministry of Manpower). More details on the Workplace Safety and Health Guidelines for the Hearing Conservation Programme.

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  • ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    My father had an undetected viral infection, and he ended up losing one side of his hearing permanently. But with the help of this Sonic hearing aid, he is now back to his normal self and he is so glad to be able to hear so clearly again.

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    Family of Mr Yeo Ah Meng
    Family of Mr Yeo Ah MengSatisfied Customer
  • ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    These hearing aids have allowed me to keep and maintain my healthy, active lifestyle… I am very happy.
    117260 Total Views 86 Views Today
    Mr Cheng S WRetired Remisier
  • ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    感谢 Amazing Hearing 帮我配上了一副助听器。提高了我的生活素质!不论是和家人朋友沟通,我都能轻松自在的做出回应。当然也拉近了家人之间的距离!
    117384 Total Views 86 Views Today
    Mdm Mook MoiHousewife
  • ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    I am very satisfied now! My old hearing aid was uncomfortable to wear and it was very noisy. This hearing aid provides me with superb sound quality. I can now participate more effectively during meetings.
    117365 Total Views 86 Views Today
    Mr HooRetired Secondary School Principal

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