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Hearing Aids Maintenance | Key Things To Take Note of

It is critical to look after your hearing aids not just because they will help you hear better, but also because doing so may help avoid any issues that might occur with regular use.

Cleaning and maintenance can extend the life of your hearing aids by ensuring that you are able to enjoy the most optimal experience in your everyday living.

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Tips To Improve Your Hearing Aids Lifespan

#1: Check Hearing Aids Earmold For Wax

Prevent wax build up by removing any wax present in your earmold tube.

#2 Wipe Down Your Hearing Aid Daily

Remove debris, dirt, and any moisture present near your hearing aids dial and switches.

#3 Avoid Moisture

Avoid placing your hearing aids in wet areas. Water vapor or condensation can corrode the tiny electrical connections in a hearing aid. Moisture can enter the casing – causing corrosion and irregular operation.

#4 Utilise a Dehumidifier

The primary cause of hearing aid failure is moisture, therefore store your device in a hearing aid dehumidifier overnight to keep it safe.

#5 Take Out Your Battery Once In a While

Corrosion in the battery compartment compromises efficiency, to avoid that, remove the battery at the end of the day and leave the compartment cover open. This allows any little condensation droplets to evaporate while you sleep.

For more info, read about our top tips to extend the life of your hearing aids in our article here.

Tools To Help With Cleaning & Care

Hearing aids, like many specialised devices would require their own set of tools to help perform cleaning and maintenance efficiently.

The 4 common essential tools for maintenance include:

(1) Dehumidifers: The dehumidifier is a maintenance chamber that dries and disinfects your hearing aids, and it is used to keep all types of hearing instruments in excellent operational condition

(2) Alcohol Wipes: Cleansing wipes have a surface-active chemical that destroys earwax but doesn’t harm hearing aids.

(3) Drying Cup & Capsules: Helps to prevent any moisture build up in your hearing aids or earmolds.

(4) Cleaning Tools: which includes cleaning brushes and pins to help with disassembling as well as to target areas such as: earmolds, sound outlet, tubing, without damaging the hearing aid.

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Handling Hearing Aids’ Batteries

Storing Your Batteries Properly

  • Invest in a container with a snap-tight lid
  • Store your batteries at room temperature. Heat can shorten your battery life, and storing them in cold conditions can lead to malfunctioning as well
  • Avoid storing your batteries in close proximity to metal objections (coins, keys, chains)
  • Avoid storing your batteries with your medications to avoid confusion


Replacing Your Batteries

If you start to notice sound distortions, or the volume has to be increased more frequently than usual, it may be time to replace your batteries. For some hearing aids, when the battery in some hearing aids is almost depleted, a faint beep may be emitted.


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Mdm Mook moi

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