Occupational Health Screening

Occupational Health Screening
with Amazing Hearing

What is Occupational Health Screening?

Occupational health screening is the process of detecting and evaluating potential occupational hazards, such as hearing loss, in the workplace.

This can include health assessments or screenings to identify any existing conditions that may be aggravated by occupational exposure.

Why is Occupational Health Screening Important?

Occupational health screening is important because it can help prevent occupational illnesses and injuries by identifying any health risks in the workplace.

By detecting these hazards, employers can take the necessary steps to mitigate them and protect their employees’ health and well-being. This not only benefits the individual workers but also helps create a safer and more productive work environment.

Types of Occupational Health Screening

There are various types of occupational health screening, including:

Pre-employment Screenings

These are conducted before an individual is hired to ensure they are fit for the job and not at risk of occupational hazards.

Periodic Screenings

These are regular check-ups that are carried out at specific intervals to monitor any changes in health due to occupational exposure.

Exposure-specific Screenings

These are targeted screenings for workers who are exposed to specific occupational hazards, such as noise or chemicals.

Exit Screenings

These are conducted when an employee leaves the company to assess any changes in their health that may have been caused by their occupation.

Risks of Not Conducting Occupational Health Screening


Not conducting occupational health screening can have negative consequences for both employees and employers. Some potential risks include:

  • Unnecessary suffering: Without proper screening, employees may continue to work in hazardous environments, leading to long-term illness or injury.
  • Legal implications: Failure to provide adequate health screenings may result in legal action from workers who develop occupational illnesses or injuries.
  • Loss of productivity: Employees who are affected by occupational hazards may require time off work, leading to a loss of productivity and increased costs for the company.

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Amazing Hearing is certified to conduct audiometric examinations that meet the WSH (Medical Examinations) Regulations set by MOM (Ministry of Manpower).

More details on the Workplace Safety and Health Guidelines for the Hearing Conservation Programme.

Preparing For Your Occupational Health Screening

If you are scheduled for an occupational health screening, here are some tips to help you prepare:

  1. Gather your medical history:
    Bring any relevant medical records or information about past exposures to hazardous substances.


  1. Be honest:
    When filling out any questionnaires or providing information to the healthcare professional, be honest and thorough. This will help them accurately assess your risk factors.


  1. Follow instructions:
    If you are required to fast or avoid certain activities before the screening, be sure to follow the instructions provided by the healthcare professional.


  1. Ask questions:
    If you have any concerns or questions about the screening process, do not hesitate to ask.

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