Can Ear Infection Cause Hearing Loss?

Can Ear Infection Cause Hearing Loss?
April 7, 2022 Amazing Hearing Group
Can Ear Infection Cause Hearing Loss?

Mild hearing loss associated with an ear infection is quite typical, but it generally subsides after the infection has passed.

Fluid in the middle ear, or recurrent ear infections, can cause more-significant hearing loss.

Permanent hearing loss may occur if there is any permanent damage to the eardrum or other middle ear structures.

“The short answer… Yes”

Conductive hearing loss is a common type of hearing loss that is often caused by ear infection or ear wax accumulation.

Fluid may accumulate in the middle ear as a result of an infection, restricting the eardrum’s movement and tiny bones that connect it.


“However, a variety of causes can contribute to hearing loss”

Still, hearing loss can be caused by a variety of factors, ranging from aging to trauma, noise exposure, sickness, and heredity. The auditory nerve is harmed by these circumstances, resulting in sensorineural hearing loss.


Ear Wax Build Up Can Lead To Conductive Hearing Loss

Conductive hearing loss develops in the outer or middle ear rather than the auditory nerve. The most typical reason for conductive hearing loss is a blockage in the middle ear.

Any obstruction to sound transmissions through the middle ear might lead to hearing loss.

A safe and effective approach is to use a microscope to remove foreign bodies and earwax buildup in the ear canal with the help of a medical professional.


Ear Infection Can Lead To Conductive Hearing Loss

Otitis Media is the medical term for an ear infection that affects the middle ear. The infection may cause a build-up of fluid in the eardrum, making it more difficult for the eardrum and ossicular chain to communicate sounds to the auditory nerve.

The following are signs of a middle ear infection:

  • Experiencing pain in the ear (especially when lying down)
  • Unable to hear clearly
  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Loss of balance


Hearing Loss Caused By Ear Infection

Ear infections are the most common cause of hearing loss in both children and adults, and the hearing loss caused by an ear infection is typically short-term and goes away when the infection is treated. To treat your ear infection, your doctor may prescribe antibiotics.

Ear infections are usually accompanied by a full feeling in the ear, a plugged up sensation, and ringing or buzzing noises. The accumulation of fluid can be removed to relieve pain and pressure as well as prevent the eardrum from bursting.

If the fluid is not removed, pressure may cause your eardrum to be damaged. The mobility and hearing acuity of the eardrum can be affected by a ruptured eardrum as well as tympanosclerosis.

If your hearing does not improve as a result of treatment, your doctor or hearing specialist may recommend wearing hearing aids to address the underlying problem.


Can Ear Infection Lead To Permanent Deafness?

The majority of ear infections in children and adults do not result in long-term damage. After medical therapy, all signs of hearing loss are usually resolved.

If you have any further problems following treatment, see your doctor. Additional therapy or an otolaryngology consultation may be required if necessary.


What Can You Do To Counter Permanent Hearing Loss?

An ear infection is a medical condition that causes pain and hearing loss. If you think you have an ear infection, see your doctor right now. If you have a chronic ear infection, visit a physician as soon as possible. More serious infections cause more damage.

If you still have hearing issues after a viral ear infection, see your doctor. It is possible that some damaged must have been done to your ear, and the reason for the conductive hearing loss must be investigated.

Hearing aids can, in many cases, almost return your hearing to nearly normal conditions if you have persistent hearing loss. To discover more about hearing aids, consult a hearing specialist today.

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