Case Study: Narrow Ear Canal

Case Study: Narrow Ear Canal
November 11, 2021 Amazing Hearing Group
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Solution for patients with narrow ear canal: RIC Earmolds

RIC(Receiver-In-Canal) hearing aids are usually fitted with silicone earpieces. There are different shapes and sizes available. However, some patient who has very narrow ear canal could have difficulty inserting the receivers even with the smallest earpieces.

Our Tiong Bahru centre patient, Madam Kum is an experienced RIC hearing aid user, but she struggled with inserting the receiver on her own. For the past two years, she has to rely on her helper to help her wear her hearing aids daily. The built-up frustrations made her lose confidence in hearing aids. As a result, she does not use her hearing aids regularly.

patient small ears hearing aids

Ear impression taken for the RIC custom made earmold

encased earmold for RIC hearing aids singapore

Encased earmold offers better fitting and still look discreet.

To solve her problems, our Hearing Consultant Alesha fitted her a pair of RIC hearing aids with encased earmolds. Encased earmold is a small canal earmold with receiver fully enclosed.  It offers better fitting for narrow ear canal and helps to secure the receiver. It’s also good for cosmetics and durability. Madam Kum can now wear the hearing aids effortlessly, and  she’s very satisfied with the sound quality of Resound ONE, which is a technology upgrade from her previous devices.

If you have experienced similar issues, our Amazing team is available to provide you with an individualised solution. Do not hesitate to reach out to any of our friendly hearing care professionals!

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