Guide to Choosing the right Hearing Aids

Guide to Choosing the right Hearing Aids
April 24, 2020 Amazing Hearing Group

There are plenty of hearing aid models and hearing centres in Singapore, how do we know who to invest for this essential healthcare product?

Here is a simple guide:

  1. The hearing centre should be located near to your home or work place.
    • this is to ensure that consultants can tend to your needs (Eg: fine tuning, repair) as soon as possible.
  2. The hearing company should be an independent hearing aids provider, meaning they should provide at least 2 or more hearing aid brands to best suit your hearing profile.
    • this is important as the audiologists will not be limited to choosing from one hearing aid brand.
  3. Audiologists and hearing consultants should provide a 30 minutes hearing aid trial.
    • Trial at both quiet and noisy environment.
    • 30 minutes trial is ideal for a first time user.
  4. There is a wide price range for hearing aids, your hearing provider should explain clearly on the quality of the hearing aid recommended.
  5. Fine tunings must be covered with the purchase of hearing aids.
    • most private hearing centres provide lifetime fine tuning services, not the case with public hospitals.
  6. Last but not least important, you should be comfortable with your hearing aid provider.
    • as they will assist you for the lifespan of hearing aids (typically 3 to 4 years).
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