New technology in Digital Hearing Aids

New technology in Digital Hearing Aids
January 14, 2020 Amazing Hearing Group

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Ever wonder why are hearing aids so expensive? Here are 5 different new technology in modern hearing aids that helps with your hearing loss.

  1. Noise Reduction Algorithm
    • Most decent hearing aids come in automated background noise reduction, which differentiates speech from noise, manages wind, car, and background noises. The higher the technology of the device, the better the algorithm.
    • This is especially useful for elderly patients, as their hearing loss is usually a result of natural aging. The brain has long forgotten the sound of background noises and unable to filter them.
  2. Directional Microphones
    • Directional microphones digitally focus on the specific sound source around you that you want to hear. (e.g. speech)
  3. Implulse Noise Reduction
    • Impulse noise, which means a sudden spike in sound (e.g. sudden slam of a door). This helps to preserve and protect your remaining hearing, which is something normal ears cannot regulate.
  4. Improved Feedback Regulation
    • Advanced feedback regulation system allows less squealing sounds.
  5. Tinnitus Relief
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