Serangoon NEX Centre: ReSound Quattro CIC

Serangoon NEX Centre: ReSound Quattro CIC
October 8, 2020 Amazing Hearing Singapore
in canal custom hearing aid

Amazing Hearing Centre Singapore hearing aids CIC custom made ReSound

Our professional hearing consultant Ms Peggy Teo with Mdm Kuan.

Mdm Kuan has a severe flat hearing loss on both ears due to ageing and is fitted with ReSound Quattro Custom In Canal (CIC) hearing aids.

She can now communicate easily with her granddaughter. The discreet Quattro CIC is also equipped with bluetooth, Mdm Kuan can easily adjust the sounds of her hearing aids with her phone.

Our bluetooth Quattro Custom In Canal (CIC) hearing aids are the smallest hearing aids in the world. Find out more here or contact our friendly consultants below.


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