Signs of Age Related Hearing Loss

Signs of Age Related Hearing Loss
June 13, 2022 Amazing Hearing Group
Signs of Age Related Hearing Loss

It is said that hearing loss is a slow gradual process. For this exact reason, it may be very subtle and dangerous. Your hearing deteriorates gradually rather than in large leaps. As a result, if you’re not looking closely, it might be difficult to measure your hearing’s deterioration.

The greatest intervention to ensure that treatment is received is to detect the early symptoms while they are still visible.


It is Difficult To Observe Hearing Loss

The human body and brain are highly adaptable. When your hearing begins to deteriorate, your brain will begin to compensate by relying on additional information in order to decipher what people are saying.

You would also be used to your current hearing performance, till the day you realised that is drastic difference in the way you used to interact with others.


The Subtle Signs

A few subtle signs of hearing loss seem like they don’t have anything at all to do with your hearing. These signs can be strong indicators that your ears are struggling even though they’re subtle.

  • Frequent headaches: Even as your hearing fades, you’ll be straining to hear. They’re putting their backs into it. Straining in this manner for prolonged periods might lead to persistent headaches.
  • Difficulty focusing: If your brain has to allocate more resources to listening, it might be difficult to maintain a constant level of concentration throughout your daily activities. As a consequence, you could have difficulties focusing.
  • Insomnia: people with hearing loss tend to stay in a continuous state of restless wakefulness as long as they are always straining to listen.

When you notice any of these signs of age-related hearing loss, it’s important to consult a hearing specialist in Singapore or audiologists to determine whether or not you are dealing with the early development of hearing decline.


Age Related – First Signs

As we age, it is not uncommon for our hearing to start to deteriorate. This is often gradual and may not be noticeable at first. However, there are some telltale signs that could indicate that your hearing isn’t as sharp as it used to be.

  • You often asked others to repeat what they said: It may come as a surprise. However, most of the time you won’t realise you’re doing it. You will certainly ask others to repeat themselves if you have trouble hearing something. When this starts to happen more frequently, it should be a cause for concern about your hearing.
  • Needing to boost volume on the TV, or cell phone, and heavy reliant on subtitles: If you keep turning up the volume all of the time, you can be certain that your hearing is beginning to deteriorate.
  • Difficulty hearing in noisy environments: Your brain is fantastic at recognising individual voices in a noisy environment. However, as your hearing deteriorates, the amount of information your brain has to work with decreases. Hearing in a crowded environment might be stressful very quickly. You also find yourself opting out of more conversational interactions.
  • Sounds like “s” and “th” become difficult to differentiate: There’s something about the frequency with which these sounds vibrate that makes them more difficult to hear when your ears aren’t at their best. You should pay attention to those noises, but consonant sounds can also become confused.


It’s a lengthy, progressive condition. You can stay ahead of it with the appropriate information. Consult us for a better hearing.

If you’re noticing that your hearing isn’t quite what it used to be, or if you find yourself frequently asking people to repeat themselves, it’s time to have your hearing checked.

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