West Singapore, Jurong Hearing Centre: ReSound Hearing Aids

West Singapore, Jurong Hearing Centre: ReSound Hearing Aids
July 9, 2021 Amazing Hearing Group
Jurong Amazing Hearing Centre shopfront

Jurong west singapore hearing aids

Our Jurong (West Singapore) Senior Hearing Consultant Mr James with Client Ms Wen on her regular review. Ms Wen has constant tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and was unable to communicate well at work. Ear drop to clear war wax from Doctors didn’t help much.

Ms Wen was diagnosed with sensorineural hearing loss ( hearing loss from the inner ear, cochlea) and is then fitted with a pair of ReSound Receiver-In-Ear rechargeable hearing aids. She is benefitting well from the device and it has improved her work relationships.

We are happy to be of service to the good citizen of Singapore.

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