Why is Hearing Important?

Why is Hearing Important?
January 30, 2018 Amazing Hearing Group

Help on hearing loss

We know that our sense of hearing is important. A healthy sense of hearing allows us to communicate, socialize with friends, alert us of trouble and work more effectively. Take away the ability to hear properly, and suddenly the world would be less interesting. It is part of our everyday life.

Do you know that hearing loss not only affects us physically, it can also negatively impact our emotional and social health, too?


Left untreated, hearing loss is often related to:

  • Negative attitudes, anger and irritability
  • Stress, fatigue and tension
  • Depression
  • Loneliness
  • Desire to avoid social scenes
  • Unsafe situations due to decreased alertness
  • Lower job performance
  • Trouble remembering things or following directions
  • Difficulties following and participating in a group conversation properly
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