Pioneer Generation Package 建国一代

Exclusively for Pioneer Generation Card Holders

Here in Amazing Hearing Centre, we understand that most of our users are retired and does not have regular incomes.

Hence we have provided 20% (up to 30%) off hearing aids, with lifetime tuning and servicing for everyone under the Pioneer Generation Package.* 

There are no GST charges in our centres.

建国一代可享有20%折扣.* Further Details

      1. Hearing assessments are conducted in soundproof booth to ensure accurate audiogram results.
      2. Our professionals will recommend the best type of devices for your hearing loss levels.
      3. 50 types of GN ReSound, SONIC Innovation and Siemens (Sivantos) digital hearing aids are available in our hearing centres.
      4. We provide all kinds of hearing aids, which includes hidden, rechargeable, comfortable, water-resistant, smartphone compatible and powerful hearing aids.
      5. Our hearing devices have an international warranty of up to 4 years.
      6. To ensure a smooth hearing journey, fine tuning reviews and cleaning will be conducted periodically. We work closely with manufacturers in Singapore for after sales services.
      7. We also provide yearly hearing assessments to monitor your hearing loss progress, these are free lifetime.

*Terms and Conditions apply

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