ReSound ONE

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ReSound ONE: an entirely new class of hearing aids that offers a truly individualized hearing experience and the best sound quality for every user.

Just like a fingerprint, your hearing is one of a kind. Now you can experience truly individualised, natural, and more complete sound with an extra microphone placed in your ear canal.

We call it M&RIE. It uses your own ears to deliver the sound.

BALLERUP, Denmark – August 18, 2020 – GN Hearing, the global leader in hearing aid innovation, today unveils ReSound ONE™, a revolutionary new hearing aid that solves one of the most enduring challenges for people with hearing loss. This unique solution places an additional microphone inside the ear canal, for the first time, allowing people relying on hearing aids to experience the world with their own ears while preserving the comfort of an open-fit device.

Now every user can enjoy the benefits of superior sound quality and hear conversations better in noisy environments.


ReSound ONE introduces the world’s first full-featured hearing aid with Microphone & Receiver-In-Ear design (M&RIE) for a truly individualized, more complete sound experience.

Full-featured means a microphone in the ear and: two additional, standard directional microphones, directionality features and wireless audio streaming.

ReSound ONE

  • R-I-E Rechargeable Hearing Aid
  • For mild to severe hearing loss.
  • M&RIE for technology level 7+ and 9+
  • ReSound Smart 3D app to control volume, check battery status and tracking via GPS.
  • Direct streaming to iOS (iPhone, iPad) and selected Android™ devices
  • Can be fitted immediately*
  • Available in variety of glossy colors, from Beige to Silver to Black.
  • Up to 4 years manufacturer warranty
  • Lifetime tuning (UP $200 per session) and yearly servicing in all 5 outlets

ReSound ONE has been approved bythe Health Science Authority Singapore and currently exclusively available in Amazing Hearing centres.

health science authority approved hearing aids amazing hearing

*Subject to stock availability.

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