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Speech Variable Processing (SVP) technology, created and patented by Sonic Innovations Inc., helps keep sound natural and speech clear. SVP is a technology unique to Sonic, and is currently not used by any other brand of hearing aids, which currently still make use of the older, channel sorting technology.  Make an appointment for a free demo and hear the difference! 

Speed is Key to Accuracy

Speech Variable Processing is a Wide Dynamic Range Compression (WDRC) system specifically designed for very fast sound processing. It analyzes an incoming signal and adjusts the gain, or amplification, thousands of times per second. This ability to quickly identify a sound and apply amplification and then to change the gain when the sound changes is what allows Speech Variable Processing to enhance speech intelligibility and create a natural sound.

A good example of how quickly sounds change is when you say the words, “Everyday Sounds Better.” The final “s” in “Sounds” is much quieter than the hard “B” in “Better.”

A healthy cochlea automatically detects and adjusts for this. Speech Variable Processing also analyses this sound change in milliseconds in order to provide proportional amplification.

Clarity of Hearing Requires Frequency Contrast

If speed is the key to accuracy, then contrast is the key to clarity. Sounds have different frequencies that help form speech. Hearing the contrast between frequencies is what gives clarity in speech.

A healthy cochlea maintains this contrast as it amplifies sounds, but with a sensorineural hearing loss, the cochlea isn’t able to amplify as well at different frequencies. Speech Variable Processing helps overcome this loss of contrast by measuring and applying gain to the entire wideband acoustic signal.

Other processing approaches split the incoming signal into separate channels, apply gain, then put the channels back together. This creates a “summing” effect—all the amplification is applied equally and the result is a loss of contrast. Speech Variable Processing, on the other hand, measures and adjusts frequency regions individually. By applying gain to the appropriate ranges, this system preserves the frequency contrast of the natural sound.


Sonic Hearing Aids in Singapore:

Sonic Hearing Aids in Singapore

We carry a wide range of hearing aids for all levels of hearing loss and budgets.


More about Sonic Hearing Aids

The Sonic 4S Foundation

Sonic products evolve, but what never changes is our focus on fresh, real solutions for listeners. In everything we do, the Sonic 4S Foundation consistently comes through.

Sound that’s natural

We believe there’s nothing more important than a user’s experience. We want people to be comfortable and confident. They should be thinking about enjoying the world around them—not about artificial sounds or the mechanics of their instruments.

Speech understanding in noise

People value the words they hear, so we strive to ensure that the nuances of speech are captured. We appreciate that true understanding involves more than just volume. Our technologies seek to enhance all aspects of speech while balancing them with other sounds in the environment.

Simplicity in everything we do

Sonic purposefully keeps things simple to help users enjoy their hearing experience: basic design, easy operation, nothing extraneous. We make things easy for hearing healthcare providers, too. We provide efficient, knowledgeable support and back it up with sales tools and software that are straightforward and simple to use.

Style that stands out

We believe people will enjoy their hearing experience more when they’re not self-conscious about a hearing instrument. So we purposefully design solutions that are stylish, attractive, and appealing in every way.

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