Receiver-In-Canal Hearing Aids (RIC)(RIE)

What are RIC Hearing Aids Like?

Small Size and Discreet
The receiver-in-canal hearing is is known for being highly discreet devices. Receiver-In-Canal Hearing Aids (RIC) are small, discreet and quick to fit. They are also sometimes known as Receiver-In-Ear Hearing Aids (RIE).

Despite that the body of the hearing aid sits behind the ear, they are usually tiny in size and discreet. Unless someone is looking very closely, they usually go un-noticed.

The wire that leads from the main body of the receiver-in-canal hearing aid into the ear canal is tiny, and will rest along the edge of the user’s face along the ear, making it practically un-noticeable as well. These make the receiver-in-canal among the most discreet prescription hearing aids in the market.

These prescription hearing aids are exceptionally popular with both professionals and general consumers because they are small, discreet and hugely versatile.

Their popularity has just increased since they were introduced a few years ago and they make up of a majority of the prescription hearing aids purchased.

RIC Hearing Aids Suitability

These prescription hearing aids are perfect for many first-time hearing aid wearers. Because the receiver is interchangeable, the receiver-in-canal can cover varied hearing losses from mild hearing loss to severe and profound hearing loss.

Easily Replaceable
The user of the receiver-in-canal hearing aid will be able to get access or a receiver change repair easily, which usually can be done immediately in the office if the hearing professional has ready and in stock receivers. It also means that if the receiver fails, the specific component can be easily changed out for a new one.

Alternatively, it can be done by the hearing aid user in certain cases too.

Reciever-In-Canal Hearing Aid (RIC)

Reciever-In-Canal Hearing Aid (RIC)

Why Choose The RIC Hearing Aids

  • Virtually unnoticeable when worn
  • Easily serviced
  • Lessen feedback from noises
  • Helps one hear better in a noisy environment
  • Can easily be fitted (same day)

RIC Hearing Aids Top Features

RIC Hearing Aids Cons

  • Due to its minute nature, it is easy to lose sight of them and lose them
  • The receiver end is vulnerable to moisture in the ear canal
  • The speaker can be vulnerable to earwax and moisture clogging
  • Higher price point compared to other cheaper types of prescription hearing aids
rechargeable hearing aids singapore on ear

Our Tiong Bahru centre, customer Mdm Wong wearing her RIC hearing aids, very suitable for her small ear canal, which is common for Asian ladies.

‘My friends doesn’t know I am wearing these receiver in ear hearing aids, they are also very comfortable, doesn’t feel like I am wearing anything!’ -Mdm Wong

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