LiNX Quattro – GN ReSound Rechargeable Hearing Aid

ReSound is part of The GN Group,  150 years in history and one of the largest hearing aid manufacturers in the world.

ReSound RS ReSound Smart 3D app Apple iPhone 7 All-Around Watch

With ReSound hearing aids, you will enjoy natural sounds and control the devices via the Resound Smart app in your Apple and Android devices.

This includes:

  • Volumes and Mute control
  • Speech Clarity
  • Noise reduction level
  • GPS Tracking of lost hearing aids
  • Tinnitus Relief/Management
  • Direct streaming from Apple and Android devices


The ReSound LiNX Quattro™, designed for people who want the very best that technology has to offer and desire a brilliant sound experience with great speech intelligibility even in noisy situations.

 ReSound LiNX Quattro rechargeable hearing aids
Quattro LINX rechargeable hearing aid

Powered by new technology, including a new chip platform, ReSound LiNX Quattro™ is a rechargeable hearing aid that offers a combination of unmatched sound quality and rechargeability, while further expanding GN Hearing’s leadership within 2.4 GHz connectivity and remote fine-tuning.

We have fitted 329 pieces of Quattro rechargeable hearing aid to date (and counting!).

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Clearer speech in any environment

Pick up speech with improved clarity while still hear all the sounds from different directions around you. Whether you are on a busy street or a quiet cinema – conversations are easier to focus on.

Hear more Layers of Sound

Catch more of the details in the conversation – both low and high-pitched sounds are fuller and more natural. Quiet environments are truly quiet and louder sounds are more comfortable, crisp and distortion-free.
Stay connected with a full spectrum of sound
Make out the finer details in any given environment – even when streaming music, talking on the phone or driving in the car.
All day Battery Life
Eliminate any battery anxiety with the all day with reliable long-lasting power and convenient, intuitive reachability of a rechargeable hearing aid.
  • R-I-C Hearing Aids
  • For mild to severe hearing loss
  • 3 technology levels 
  • Rechargeable hearing aid provides 3 hours of charge for up to 30 hours usage
  • Battery operated- Size 13: 14 days with 8 hours of daily usage
  • Can be fitted immediately
  • Up to 4 years international warranty
  • Lifetime tuning (UP $200 per session) and servicing in all 5 outlets.


Various colors available

Available for demonstration at all outlets.
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