ReSound Quattro- Best Rechargeable Hearing Aid

The best ReSound LiNX Quattro™ rechargeable hearing aid is designed for people who want the very best that technology has to offer and desire a brilliant sound experience with great speech intelligibility even in noisy situations.

The rechargeable hearing aids is small, discreet and has the longest-lasting battery. You get power that lasts more than a full day – without having to fiddle with batteries.

Amazing Hearing have fitted 450 pieces of Quattro rechargeable hearing aids in Singapore to date (and counting!).

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 ReSound LiNX Quattro best rechargeable hearing aids
  • R-I-E Rechargeable Hearing Aids
  • For mild to severe hearing loss
  • 3 technology levels 
  • Rechargeable hearing aids provide up to 30 hours usage (with 3 hours of charge)
  • ReSound Smart 3D app to control volume and check battery status.
  • Direct streaming to iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android™ devices*
  • Can be fitted immediately
  • Up to 4 years international warranty
  • Lifetime tuning (UP $200 per session) and yearly servicing in all 5 outlets

Brochure and Prices of the ReSound LiNX Quattro hearing aids can be found here or you may contact our friendly hearing professionals here

We provide special packages for Pioneers and Merdeka Generations, find out more.

*From Android version 10 with Bluetooth version 5.0 and the Android Streaming to Hearing Aids feature

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