How many years should I expect my hearing aids to last?

The average hearing aid lasts between 3 – 5 years.


How do I turn my hearing aid on and off?

To turn the hearing aid on, close the battery door.

To turn the hearing aid off, open the battery door.

It is not necessary to remove the battery from the hearing aid.


Is it OK for me to sleep in my hearing aids?

When going to bed for the night, you should remove your hearing aids and open the battery door to help conserve battery life.

Remember to keep your hearing aids in the dehumidifier container to prolong the lifespan of your devices.


Why do I need to open the battery door at night?

Opening the battery door at night does two important things:

  1. It ensures that the battery is not being drained, allowing for more economical use of your hearing aid.
  2. It allows air into the hearing aid, which is helpful in preventing moisture build-up.


How long do hearing aids batteries last?

Depending on the size of the batteries and usage of hearing aids, the batteries can be used from 5 days up to 3 weeks.


Can I wear my hearing aids when I take a shower, bath, or when I swim?

Even with the water resistance capabilities of modern hearing aids, we recommend you remove your hearing aids prior to any aquatic activity.


My hearing aid whistles sometimes when I am putting it in my ear. Is it normal?

It is possible to hear a whistle when putting a hearing aid in your ear. It should not, however, whistle when it is in place in your ear. If it does, make an appointment to have your hearing aid checked.


How do I tell the right hearing aid from the left hearing aid?

Your hearing aids will be marked red and blue. Red will always for the right ear. The blue will be for the left ear.


What is the white thing at the end of the hearing aid that goes into my ear?

That is the wax filter. It is there to prevent wax from getting into the delicate components of your hearing aid. When this becomes clogged with wax or other debris, you will need to change this to ensure your hearing aid stays in good working order.


How often does the wax filter need to be changed?

It varies depending on how much wax your ear produces. Inspect the wax filter frequently and change when the wax or debris becomes noticeable.


What is the clear ‘antennae’ thing on my hearing aid?

Some hearing aids have a retrieval cord to assist you with the removal of your hearing aids. When the hearing aid is in your ear, grasp the line firmly and pull to remove your hearing aid.


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