Pioneer Generation Package 建国一代 – Hearing Aids Promotion

Hearing Aids in Singapore: Exclusively for Pioneer Generation & Merdeka Generation Card Holders 

Amazing Hearing Centre Merdeka and Pioneer Generations Hearing Aids Singapore

Here in Amazing Hearing Centre, we understand that most of our users are retired and does not have regular incomes. Hence we have provided 20% off  Health Sciences Authority Singapore (HSA) approved premium hearing aids for everyone under the Pioneer Generation Package.* From 9th August 2019, this promotion has been extended to Merdeka Generation as well.

Price of the hearing aids package includes:

  • Manufacturer warranty up to 4 years,
  • Yearly hearing tests,
  • Lifetime tuning of hearing aids (UP $200 per session),
  • Yearly servicing and cleaning with hearing aids manufacturers in Singapore,
  • Regular reviews from our hearing centres islandwide.

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Find out more about our premium hearing aids- Rechargeable ReSound ONE here.

Comprehensive Guide to getting your first hearing aids:

amazing hearing centre audiologist faith with aunty

Consultant Ms Faith with satisfied patient and family members

  1. Hearing tests are conducted in soundproof booth to ensure accurate audiogram results.
  2. Our audiologists will explain the type and stage of your hearing loss, and advise if a doctor or Ent Specialist visit is required.
  3. Our professionals will recommend the best type of devices according to your the structure of your ears and hearing loss levels.
  4. More than 100 types of GN ReSound and SONIC Innovation digital hearing aids are available.
  5. We provide all kinds of medical grade hearing aids which are approved by Health Science Authority Singapore.
  6. Types of hearing aids includes invisible, rechargeable, comfortable, water-resistant, smartphone compatible and powerful.
  7. Our hearing aids have a manufacturer warranty of up to 4 years, with a 1-to-1 replacement.
  8. Payment methods include AMEX, NETS, VISA, MasterCard 12 months instalment for OCBC and DBS/POSB Credit Cards.
  9. To ensure a smooth hearing journey, fine tuning reviews and cleaning will be conducted periodically.
  10. We work closely with manufacturers in Singapore for after sales services.
  11. We also provide yearly hearing tests to monitor your hearing loss progress, these are free lifetime.

*Terms and Conditions apply.

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