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Phonak Naida Paradise – Powerful Hearing Aids

Elevating sound quality for the wearer

Naída P goes beyond pure power to truly elevate the sound quality for each individual with attention to detail built into every aspect. With new hardware and enhanced software, Naída responds to the hearing needs of power users in countless different listening situations. It is also designed to make it easy to perform more precise customizations.

Completely-In-Canal Hearing Aids (CIC)

Phonak Naída Paradise Goes Beyond Pure Power

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About Phonak Naída

Phonak Naída P comes in two different models (PR and UP), which are intended for people with more severe forms of hearing loss.

The PR model delivering 130 dB SPL

The UP model delivering up to 141 dB SPL (peak output).

Key differences between PR and UP models

  • The PR model is rechargeable. UP uses size 675 disposable batteries.
  • The PR model offers motion sensing and tap controls. UP does not.
  • UP offers a telecoil. PR does not.
  • PR may be used with a slim or standard tube. UP uses a standard tube only.
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Phonak Naída P (R/UP) Features

New Hardware

• PRISM™: Enables next level sound quality features

• Powerful double-receiver: Delivers an MPO of 141 dB in Naída P-UP and 130 dB in the Naída P-PR

• Motion sensor: Supports Motion Sensor Hearing and Tap Control*

New Software

Adaptive Phonak Digital 2.0: The new processing algorithm integrated with the advantages of adaptive compression. It has greater fitting flexibility, which allows for greater customisation. Designed for better audibility, loudness, and even sound quality

AutoSense OS™ 4.0: It has a speech enhancer, a dynamic noise cancellation feature, and a motion sensor hearing (it adjusts the microphone mode and noise cancellation settings on the go)

It’s Unique Benefits

• Universal connectivity (IOS, Android, Bluetooth Devices)

• Switch between devices easily (allows up to 8 bluetooth devices to be paired, and allows two to be simultaneously connected and use at any point in time)

• Improved digital solutions (make sound personalisation through the smart app directly)

• Remote support (allows specialists to make remote adjustments without an in clinic appointment)



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