4 (or more) Signs That Show You Need To Start To Invest In A Hearing Aid

4 (or more) Signs That Show You Need To Start To Invest In A Hearing Aid
May 4, 2021 Amazing Hearing Group
5 Signs That Show You Need To Start To Invest In A Hearing Aid

Hearing is a big and essential part of everyday living. Not only does it help us to comprehend others, it also helps us to interact and communicate with the world better. Being able to experience sound helps us to navigate around and be aware of our environment where safety might be a concern. It is reported that many Singaporeans are losing their hearing early – as young as in their mid 30s and 40s, because of the among of noise population and exposure that we face today. But thankfully, with modern technology, there are many hearing solutions available. Many who have consulted a hearing aid specialist early have managed to find a remedy to their hearing impairment. 

Today, we will be discussing the signs that show that it is time to start investing in a hearing aid. 

Signs Of Hearing Loss: 

(1) You Need To Watch People’s Lips To Understand What They Saying

It is definitely natural to read a person’s lips as they communicate with you, however if one struggles most of the time to understand what a person is saying especially in close proximity, then this could be a real concern. The other common sign of hearing loss is if you would need to ask the other party to raise their voices as they seek to converse with you in a noisy environment. 

You can test yourself by limiting this visual aid and try to listen to a conversation without looking at the speaker. If there is little struggle, then this might not be a real concern, however, if you struggle constantly and fail to keep up, then it might be worth while to get your hearing tested. 

Another struggle could be that you would constantly  need the help of subtitles whenever you are watching a show among friends who on the flip side do not need the help of those subtitles because they feel that the volume is loud enough. 

(2) You Find It Difficult To Follow Group Conversations

Another sign could be that following group conversations actually cause you uneasiness and stress. If you notice that you are exceptionally uncomfortable when there many voices and noises that are competing with one another, then this might be a tell tale sign that you have some form of hearing loss. 

One can always attempt to request for the conversation to be done in a quieter place or you can definitely ask your friends to take turns to speak or speak slowly, however these are all not long-term solutions that would address the core issue of your hearing. 

(3) You Experience Fatigue In Keeping Up With Long Conversions

If you are not an introvert and in general enjoy having conversations with others, yet you are experiencing fatigue as you try to keep up with long conversions, then this shows that you might have mild to more severe hearing loss. If you find yourself constantly tired out due to these long conversations, then it is probably time for you to consider a hearing solution. 

(4) You Find It Difficult To Hear Others On The Phone

A senior audiologist at Gallaudet University concur that those with regular hearing can easily fill in the gaps subconsciously, while those with hearing difficulties may not be able to discern between words that should sound familiar. Thus, one of the obvious signs of hearing loss is that you constantly need to max out your phone volume during a call, and yet still struggle to hear, then it might be time that you start to find a reliable hearing solution to cater to your hearing needs. 

Now that we have covered the key signs of hearing loss, we will also share with you four signs that indicate that it is time for you to change your hearing aid. 


When It Is Time To Change Your Hearing Aid

(1) Your Hearing Loss Levels Have Changed

In the event that your hearing has gotten worst or better, it is recommended that you seek to get a new hearing aid for yourself. 

(2) Constant Hearing Aid Breakdown / your device is old

It is not common for hearing aids to break down, and thus if you are wearing a hearing aid for 10 over years, it might be good to first get your device checked and observe if your device is still performing at its optimal level. 

It is also worth comparing the difference between the cost of repair verses the cost of buying a new hearing aid in Singapore. 

(3) Change In Lifestyle

If you have started to take up a new hobby such as swimming, or you know you will experience some form of environmental change due to this new lifestyle change, then it would be helpful to get a specialist or look at the various hearing aid models with different types of functionality that could help to cater to your lifestyle.

(4) You Want A Better Technology Incorporation 

It could be that at first you would want an invisible hearing aid, but now you would prefer a more powerful hearing aid instead with a different kind of technology incorporation, then of course it would make sense to switch or change your hearing aid.

Is Your New Hearing Aid Within Your Budget?

End of the day, price will definitely play a part in your decision making. It is recommended that you choose a hearing aid that is not just catered to your hearing loss or lifestyle, but one that fits within your budget. Consult amazing hearing today and allow us to show you the various models available that are catered to your hearing needs.

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