Can Wearing Hearing Aids Damage Your Hearing?

Can Wearing Hearing Aids Damage Your Hearing?
March 6, 2023 Amazing Hearing Group
Can Wearing Hearing Aids Damage Your Hearing?

Despite being a viable solution to hearing loss, many are apprehensive about wearing hearing aids for fear of it leading to more damage. Is this worry founded?

Can Hearing Aids Further Damage Your Hearing?

Many experts have assured that the usage of hearing aids does not cause further damage to one’s hearing, as long as it is worn the right way.

One’s hearing can get damaged if the hearing aids are not programmed correctly. It is essential to remember that your device should be adjusted so you can still hear clearly, but at the lowest level of amplification possible. Amplifying your hearing aid’s sounds to the extreme, which is at 80 decibels, might risk damaging your hearing permanently.

Other than that, the cleanliness of your hearing aids can also affect your hearing though temporarily. Keeping your ears clean can prevent earwax from getting pushed down into the ear canal and cause it to be compacted over the eardrum. Until your ears are thoroughly cleaned, you may experience can cause temporary hearing loss.

Despite the possibilities, experts have confirmed that hearing aids are completely safe to use, as long as it is programmed accordingly to the user. Hence, communicating regularly with your designed audiologist is important to prevent issues in treating hearing loss.


The Misconception About Hearing Aids

Before investing in hearing aids, it is essential to grasp what they do and cannot do. Familiarising yourself with the advantages and disadvantages of these devices through research can help set practical expectations for using them.

For people with hearing loss, hearing aids may improve their sense of hearing. However, it is important to recognise that hearing aids do not restore someone’s hearing to its pre-loss state.

Other than that, hearing aids are not simply sound amplifiers – they also protect against further hearing loss. It is false that correctly fitted hearing aids can damage your ears; on the contrary, it is their purpose to safeguard them.


Hearing Aids Prevent Further Hearing Loss

Your hearing can deteriorate due to the lack of stimulation of the auditory cortex, the part of the brain which functions to process sound.

When one experiences hearing loss, the region receives less and less stimulation over time. As a result, the auditory cortex will slowly decline in function, akin to an unused muscle, causing difficulties for your ears to comprehend incoming signals.

Wearing hearing aids can stimulate the auditory cortex, activating the body to regenerate and invest in its nerves. As a result, some individuals find they can reduce their need for amplification from their devices. Other than that, the rapid progression of hearing loss may be decelerated or halted altogether thanks to this technology.


More Benefits of Hearing Aids

For those suffering from tinnitus, hearing aids can be a real source of relief and hope.

Tinnitus is a severe condition which is described as the persistent ringing in the ears stemming from a lack of stimulation of the auditory cortex. The after-effects of tinnitus can include sleeplessness, depression as well as anxiety.

With hearing aids, people with tinnitus often discover their symptoms diminishing. With this improvement comes a heightened sense of hearing and an improved quality of life. On top of that, the brain begins producing fewer auditory hallucinations while shifting its attention back towards real-world sounds and noises.

Other than that, properly-fitted hearing aids can also help prevent social isolation, loneliness and depression which are known as the major risk factors for cognitive decline and dementia.

Studies show that people with hearing loss who used hearing aids performed better in cognitive scores in the short term. Other than that, it is also reported that hearing aids can reduce the statistic of long-term cognitive decline by 19%.



Considering the potential risks of using hearing aids may cause apprehension, however, it is important to recognise that these dangers are preventable.

Your trepidation should not prevent you from exploring this invaluable tool that can mitigate further hearing loss and its repercussions – including permanent deadness or dementia – due to prolonged exposure to noise pollution and other possible causes. Hearing aids can be an invaluable asset in preserving one’s health, especially in the long term.

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