Jurong Hearing Centre: ReSound ONE series Hearing Aids

Jurong Hearing Centre: ReSound ONE series Hearing Aids
June 10, 2021 Amazing Hearing Group
jurong west singapore hearing aids on ear

Our Jurong centre in Singapore, Hearing Consultant Mr Yuwen, with customer Mdm Robiah and family.

Mdm Robiah have purchased a pair of premium ReSound ONE rechargeable hearing aids from ReSound.

Mdm Robiah is in her 70s and has been a housewife for most of her life, she cooks for her family and takes care of her grandchildren. The youngest grandchildren is only 2 weeks old.

She is frustrated with her inability to hear her loved ones well and hence came to seek us for hearing loss treatment

The recharge-ability and clear sound quality of the premium ReSound ONE hearing aids has made her more confident to carry our her house duties.

We are happy to service the good citizens of Singapore.

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